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Sonia Dhawan

Sonia Dhawan makes comeback at Paytm: Joins FirstGames as PR and Marketing VP

Sonia Dhawan

Sonia Dhawan has made a comeback at Paytm. She’s joining FirstGames (former Gamepind) as Vice President (VP) public relation and marketing. According to two Entrackr sources, Dhawan already had started working for the Paytm’s gaming company.

Dhawan appointment at Paytm-owned subsidiary is surprising, and fascinating at the same time. She along with three other employees were named by Vijay Shekhar Sharma brother Ajay Shekhar Sharma in an FIR.

Dhawan was in judicial custody for about five months. She got bail on March 15 this year. Her husband, Rupak Jain, was also under judicial custody for about three months.

Dhawan confirmed Entrackr about her appointment at FirstGames.

Devendra Kumar, Rohit Chomwal (an accomplice turned ‘approver’) were other accused in the case. The case has seen almost all twist and turns that couldn’t have imagined by people who were closely watching it.

Soon after getting out on bail, media reports surfaced about Dhawan comeback at Paytm. However, she could not join the company because of the ongoing court case. At that time, Paytm said that no accused in the data theft case is joining back the company till the time the court matter is concluded.

In what appeared to be temporary management in June, Dhawan joined Sheroes as Director of Communications. Vijay is one of the early investors in Sheroes. Moreover, Sairee Chahal (Founder & CEO of Sheroes) sits on the board of Paytm Payment Bank, and the two firms have partnered with each other in the past.

Coming back of Dhawan at Paytm suggest the fact that the matter has been settled in the court. While we don’t know the exact status of the case, Paytm seems to have taken back the case.

Queries sent to Paytm did not elicit any immediate response. We’ll update the post as and when the company responds.

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