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Exclusive: Sonia Dhawan joins Sheroes as Director of Communication

Adding to this bizarre sequence of events, the latest information illustrates that Sonia Dhawan has joined Sheroes as Director of Communications.

Sairee Chahal, CEO and co-founder of Sheroes has confirmed the development to Entrackr.

After serving a 9-year long dedicated term at Paytm, starting as a Secretary to Vijay Shekhar Sharma and reaching the top designation of Corporate Communication Head, Dhawan has now left the firm to join Sheroes.

This makes complete sense after Dhawan had recently faced a 5 month jail time after being accused of blackmailing Sharma for Rs 20 crore with her husband and two other employees at Paytm.

Her rejoining at Paytm after the bail was a temporary arrangement, where things were probably straightened out between the company and herself.

Yesterday itself, Dhawan had received her due share of Rs 4.44 lakhs worth ESOPs in the larger pool of ESOPs worth Rs 10 crore that she already owns at Paytm.

Sonia will run the vertical of external corporate communication and public relations for other technology companies associated with Sheroes as an employee.

Her exit from Paytm, hence seems like a cordial one. Case in point, Chahal sits on the board of Paytm Payment Bank, and the two firms have partnered with each other in the past.

In November 2018, Paytm had collaborated with Sheroes to roll out a women-only social community platform that allows them to engage in topics including health, careers, relationships and hobbies. It’s worth noting that Paytm’s CEO Sharma is an early investor in Sheroes.

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