Atomic Asher takes on new-age security challenges such as QR code threats

Mumbai-based Atomic Asher is one of the few cybersecurity startups leveraging the latest technologies such as AI to protect common people from new-age digital threats.

Founded in 2021 by Anirudh Asher, the startup offers apps like ‘QR Safety by Atomic Asher,’ which helps detect malicious QR codes and URLs. It also features a web application called’ WhatsApp Number Cleaner’, which helps users to clean up unwanted contacts for direct chatting without saving their numbers. Another offering is the ‘Anti-counterfeiting App’, which aims to assist users in distinguishing between fake and original products.

We spoke to the founder and CEO Asher to learn more about the startup, how it works, and the roadmap ahead. Here are the edited excerpts: 

How did you come up with the idea? How do the QR safety and anti-counterfeiting platforms work? 

The idea was born out of identifying a critical gap in digital security with the increasing use of QR codes, increased counterfeiting of branded goods such as pharmaceuticals leading to the conceptualization of a solution to protect users and entire populations from potential threats.

As far as our safety platforms go, users simply scan a QR code through the app, which then checks the code against a database of known threats and analyzes the linked URL for suspicious behavior, ensuring safe interaction. For the anti-countefeiting aspect, we have developed our own technology that takes QR technology to the next level. 

Please help understand how you generate revenues? 

Revenue is generated through a blend of premium app subscriptions, partnerships with cybersecurity firms, and tailor-made enterprise solutions, focusing on long-term value. Overall, we charge brands to help keep their customerbase safe from scams and counterfeits. 

What are the key challenges in the industry that have not been addressed yet? And how do you plan to address this?

A major unaddressed challenge is the sophistication of digital threats. Our approach combines continuous research with technological innovation to stay ahead of threats. We also feel like there are not enough organisations focussed on building technology for the betterment of mankind and often seem to be chasing profits and get rich quick rather than doing the right thing.

What are your short-term and long-term goals in terms of product and business expansion and diversification?

Short-term goals include expanding our user base and refining our technology stack, while long-term objectives focus on geographical expansion and diversifying our product line to cover a broader range of security solutions. We aim to become the leading name in protecting the Indian diaspora from threats to their health, identity and digital security. 

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