Funding and acquisitions in Indian startups this week [18-23 Sep]


This week, 15 Indian startups raised about $91 million. Audio content platform Kuku FM raised $25 million followed by social gaming and live streaming startup Eloelo and agritech firm Ergos which scooped up $22 million and $10 million respectively. Last week, 16 Indian startups raised nearly $424 million

Meanwhile, the details of two startups remained undisclosed.


Growth-stage deals

This week, five growth-stage startups raised funding. The list includes Kuku FM, Eloelo, Ergos, Everest Fleet, and Leverage Edu. For more details, visit data intelligence platform TheKredible.

Early-stage deals 

Out of the total, 10 early-stage startups have raised funds, including an undisclosed round. Traveltech firm Atlys was on the top with its $12 million round. The list also features Flash, The Good Bug, EquityList and OffLine among others.

City and segment-wise deals

This week, Mumbai-based startups dominated the funding chart. As per TheKredible, five Mumbai-based startups raised funds this week amounting to $34.86 million or 38.28% of the total funding. The complete breakdown of city and segment can be found at TheKredible.


This week however saw only one deal across mergers and acquisitions. Fintech platform Perfios acquihired open finance startup Fego ai.

Check TheKredible to see series wise deals, layoffs and startup fund launches and more.

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