Funding and acquisition in Indian startups this week [31 July-04 Aug]


This week, 11 Indian startups raised funding of about $66 million. Vistaar Finance was the top fundraising startup that scooped up $50 million. Last week, 20 Indian startups raised funding worth $51 million. 

Meanwhile, the details of the two startups remained undisclosed. 

[Growth/late-stage deals]

This week, only one growth stage startup i.e. Vistaar Finance managed to raise $50 million.


Details of the 11 funding rounds can be found here.

[Early-stage deals] 

Out of the total, 10 early-stage startups have raised funds, including two undisclosed rounds. HRtech startup Unstop was on the top with its $5 million maiden round. The list also features EMTECH, FincFriends and The Fuel Delivery, among others.    

[City and segment-wise deals]    

This week, Bengaluru-based startups dominated the funding chart. According to Fintrackr’s data, four Bengaluru-based startups raised funds this week amounting to $54.3 million or 82.4% of the total funding. During the week, Delhi NCR-based startups saw four deals.

The complete breakdown of deals across cities and segments in the first half can be seen below: 


Fintech startups were on top in terms of the number of deals and amount raised. E-commerce (including D2C brands) and HRtech startups were next on the list.


Apart from fundraising, this week also saw one acquisition as pallet pooling firm LEAP India got acquired by KKR


This week saw four companies laying off their employees. The list includes Spinny,, Increff and global company Tekion which fire more than 600 employees collectively. 


[Fund launches]

Apart from layoffs, there were two three fund launches. The list counts Pi Ventures’ $85 million, Elev8’s $67 million and Almabetter’s $6.5 million fund. Meanwhile, startup incubator and investor The Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE.CO), has also floated a new fund with a corpus of Rs 40 crore to invest in early-stage deep-tech startups.  

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