Muoro: A tech company building remote engineering teams for its clients


In a world where most companies are trying to customize their workforce according to the kind of work they do, finding a perfect match is a long process. Apart from this, finding a good applicant that fits into the pay scale offered by the company is an even harder process; making sure the company gets work done for their value and the applicant is well paid.

In its journey to help both parties — the company and the workers — Muoro has come up with a unique method by building remote engineering teams for its tech-enabled clients.

Founded in 2018 by Vyom Bharadwaj, Muoro provides an engineering workforce to tech companies at prices that are affordable for the company as well as well-paid for the engineer.

During his time working in North America, Bharadwaj observed that big MNCs absorbed most good engineers. This left small and medium enterprises with very few options for a quality workforce in the field.

Muoro has a proprietary AI mapping software to help such companies by providing them with an EaaS (engineer as a service) with quality engineers working in different time zones. They claim to provide engineers to the companies within 72 hours along with a trial period.

The company offers the services of software engineers specialising in technology such as Data Engineering, Cloud, UI, Salesforce, AEM and AI.

Explaining the process Bharadwaj told Entrackr, “Our AI sorts out the profiles of the engineers we have in our payroll to find the best match. We then provide the companies with 2-3 best-suited profiles and then they are free to interview and select the candidate that best suits them.”

Addressing the problem of shortage of skills, the company provides skilled engineers from all around the globe. Working with a total of about 1000 engineers, in India it has engineers from tier 2 tier 3 cities and towns like Dharamshala, Nagpur, Indore, Ananthapuram etc. Eighty per cent of the company’s current engineering workforce is based out of India.

Muoro plans to recruit engineers from developing nations like Nigeria, Kenya, Belarus etc. It aims to give engineers from developing and underdeveloped nations the opportunity to work with global companies and get international exposure. The company plans on picking up these engineers and providing them with a pay scale according to the industry’s progress and growing them internationally.

Since the company operates remotely and plans on operating remotely on a global level as well, it provides its engineers with secure hardware like laptops, and Wi-Fi systems that allow them to work comfortably and safely for the clients.

Completely bootstrapped since 2018, Bharadwaj said his current aim was to educate companies and business professionals that there are other models through which they can hire good engineers.

With over 3 million workers the economy of the gig sector is on a rise. According to ASSOCHAM, India’s gig sector is likely to grow to $455 billion by 2024. The company said it had a revenue of Rs 15 crore last year and is looking to build on it this year.

Muoro has deployed its engineers to over 50 companies across the globe including known companies including Microsoft, Nike, Pinelabs, KPMG, Kroger etc.  

Among the company’s local competitors are freelancing websites and Supersourcing. Its international competitors are online platforms and companies including,, Toptal, Crossover,, and Andela.

Among its future plans is geographical expansion by recruiting engineers from South Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia to build a global tech talent pool.

Muoro also has a separate entity in the US where it is planning to build its sales and operation team to build a larger client base in North America.  

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