Funding and acquisitions in Indian startups this week [14-19 Nov]


This week, 32 Indian startups raised funding of which 25 received a total of about $335 million. Contentstack and Lentra were the top fundraisers which scooped up $80 million and $60 million respectively. Last week, 26 homegrown startups raised funding worth about $216 million. 

Meanwhile, the funding of seven of the total funded startups remained undisclosed. 

Growth/late-stage deals 

This week, eight growth-late stage startups raised funding. The list includes Contentstack’s $80 million round, Lentra, and Simplilearn among others.


Details of the 32 funding rounds can be found here.

Early-stage deals 

In the early-stage, 24 startups have raised funds including seven undisclosed rounds. Enterprise tech startup Godera was on top of the list with a $10 million round. The list also includes EV startup Corrit Electric, Chareup, ReadyAssist, VuNet Systems, and Cityfurnish among others.

Undisclosed deals    

KhelomoreFastJobs.ioHi HelloYellow, Deepsight AI Labs, Goodfellows and Fixigo did not disclose their financial details.   

City and segment-wise deals    

This week, Bengaluru-based startups were on top in terms of the number of startup deals and the amount raised by them. According to Fintrackr’s data, 9 Bengaluru-based startups have raised funds this week amounting to $188 million or 56.10% of the total funding. During the week, Mumbai-based startups raised $0.65 million across four deals. 

The complete breakdown of deals across cities and segments in the first half can be seen below: 


Fintech startups were the top segment in terms of the number of deals as startups in this space raised $71 million across three deals. AI, D2C brands, EV, Deeptech and HRtech startups were next on the list. 



Apart from fundraising, the week also saw three acquisitions. The list includes the acquisition of med-center firm Tashkent by Akash Health, Where’s The Food by Ghost Kitchen, and Transin Logistics by Onmove. 

*Back next week with another deal roundup

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