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MX TakaTak is the most downloaded app in India in February

MX Player’s short video app MX TakaTak is the most downloaded app in India in February with 36.5 million installs followed by ShareChat’s Moj which recorded 23.5 million downloads during the period, Sensor Tower data shows.  

In the top five list of most downloaded apps in February, Snapchat, Instagram and Dailyhunt’s Josh received 20 million, 18.5 million and 17.5 million installs respectively.

MX TakaTak has been able to maintain a decent gap from its arch-rivals in the space in terms of the number of downloads. The app received 35 million downloads in January when the second position Moj had 24 million downloads.

It’s worth noting that the euphoria around Signal has been dying down. The encrypted messaging app, hailed as an alternative to WhatsApp when the pushback against the Facebook-owned app was at its peak, was the third most downloaded app with 21 million installs in January. However, it has not been able to keep itself in the top 10 list in February. 

Where WhatsApp and Telegram received 11.5 and 10.7 million installs respectively in February, Signal registered a mere 1 million downloads during the period.

It’s worth noting that SnackyTakaTak, another app developed by MX Player’s parent MX Media & Entertainment, has also made its entry into the top 10 downloaded apps in February with 10.2 million installs. Currently, MX Media & Entertainment has been branding both apps as MX TakaTak when a user opens them.

Over the past few months, MX Player has been aggressive on user acquisitions and doling out larger amounts than others for retaining creators. It recently partnered with some Bollywood and south Indian movies as their exclusive short video partner. 

It seems that these collaborations and aggressive spendings have been helping it to increase popularity and gain market share. Ever since the ban on TikTok in India, over 300 million users started looking for alternatives and MX TakaTak, Moj, Josh and Roposo emerged as the top alternatives.

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