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Unacademy introduces new product ‘Graphy’ with a separate founding team

Edtech startup Unacademy is testing a new product called Graphy to allow users to explore stories, ideas, books and original content through video, audio, images, and quizzes.

“Graphy is a new product by the Unacademy Group. Books haven’t changed since a really really really long time. Maybe it’s time to change that?,” said Gaurav Munjal, CEO of Unacademy while introducing the new product on Twitter.

Currently, in beta phase, Graphy’s content includes varied topics created by creators, artists, authors and storytellers. Team Entrackr took Graphy for a test spin and found some interactive videos posted by some graphers including Anuj Garg, David Simieritsch, Dave Farina, and Adam’s Classroom. 

As of now, the available contents are paid in a range of Rs 99-250. Graphy has plans to add new chapters every week and soon bring an iOS version of the app for its users. 

Graphy is led by a separate team with co-founders – Sushil Kumar, Sumit Jain, Shobhit Bakliwal and Fiona Leong. Entrackr has reached out to Unacademy, we’ll include the details about the product as and when we hear from them.

The new product seems to be taking a shot to change the reading habit of students who appear for competitive and curricular exams. Since Unacademy already sits on millions of daily active users and has a captive audience, it won’t find much challenge in driving initial growth. However, its mass adoption will depend on the kind of content, its format and overall experience.

This year seems very promising for Unacademy. It raised $110 million round led by General Atlantic at over half a billion USD valuation. According to Fintrackr, it also expanded the ESOPs pool to $42 million.

Unacademy and other edtech startups have been witnessing a spurt in usages as educational institutions are closed for more than two and a half months. Given that students and teachers have experienced a paradigm shift as everything moved virtual, Graphy’s time of launch is exciting. 

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