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Indian mobile data users among lowest WiFi network users: Study


The amount of time that smartphone users in India spend on WiFi connections is among the lowest in the world, said a study done by the mobile analytics firm Opensignal.

The time spent on WiFi networks in the country has declined from 10.2% in January to 9.8% in March.

In fact, out of over 26 countries surveyed by the analytics firm, India was ranked last.

However, the study which analyzed the changes in mobile user behaviour and network experience during COVID-19 crisis, did not reveal the reason behind the downfall in the time spent on WiFi networks.


According to Industry observers, part of the reason is the usage of WiFi networks which are mostly limited to offices and public places in India.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic and now imposed lockdown in India data consumption has increased. Though, people still find cellular network services and fixed broadbands cheaper to use and see no major reason to change it as it satiates their daily requirement of data,” said an industry expert to Entrackr.

Canada had the most number of users, from 69.9% in January to 76.3% in March, hooked onto a WiFi network followed by Germany, Vietnam and Brazil, where users averaged over 66%.

In other countries such as Australia and Japan, mobile users majorly choose to hook onto a WiFi network more than 60% of the overall time spent consuming data services.

Meanwhile, countries like Malaysia and South Africa witnessed a decrease in the usage of WiFi network by users during the period. Time spent by Malaysians fell to 30.5%, whereas WiFi network users in South Africa stood at 52.1% by March-end.

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