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With over 7,000 daily orders, Swiggy Stores gains quick ground in Gurugram


Started as an online food ordering platform, Swiggy is turning into a hyperlocal logistics solution for multiple needs. Expanding its horizon from food delivery, the firm had launched Swiggy Stores in February this year and it’s also slated to foray into a model similar to dunzo next month.

Last week, Entrackr had exclusively reported about Swiggy Go. A service that will help users to send parcels and documents from one point to another in a particular city.

Ever since its launch in Gurugram, Swiggy Stores has been witnessing decent growth in the city. And, why not? It delivers groceries, fruits and veggie, snacks, cigarettes and other essentials at a minimal cost.

According to Entrackr sources, Swiggy Stores does around 7,000-8,000 orders a day in Gurugram. “It delivers about 20% of Swiggy’s overall food volume in the Millenium City,” said one of the three sources who happens to be a company’s executive.

Sources outline that Swiggy delivers about 40,000 to 45,000 food orders in Gurugram on a daily basis. Going by this figure, Swiggy Stores should be processing about 8-9 thousand orders in a day. However, an e-grocer listed on the app has stressed that the daily volume isn’t more than 6,000.

To understand the growth of Swiggy Stores, Entrackr has gone on the ground to gauge its impact from partners – grocery and large departmental stores. We spoke to about 15 partners across Golf Course, Sector 56, DLF Phase I, II, and III. 

“We get around 80-100 orders from Swiggy Stores on a daily basis. However, the volume crosses over 120 on weekends,” said four partners who operate across the aforementioned locations. According to them, the average ticket size for groceries is in the range of Rs 200 to 250 while fruits and vegetable order size stand at Rs 320.

Currently, Swiggy Stores has over 280 designated partners for grocery including large chains such as Needs, 24*7, La Marche, Bestbasket, Easyday among several others.

Apart from groceries and fruits & vegetables, users order FMCG items such as soft drinks, over the counter medicine and cigarettes. Demand for such items surge after 10 PM. This can be validated from the number of riders one can spot across departmental stores which are operational round the clock.

Meanwhile, its competitor Dunzo seems to be a little ahead when it comes to daily orders. Sources indicate that the Google-backed firm does around 10,000 orders from grocery, fruits & vegetables, OTC and snacks-cigarettes. It’s worth noting that dunzo has been in town for more than a year while Swiggy Stores has been operating only for the past five months.

Swiggy Stores seems to be catching on fast in Gurugram, and likely to cover other parts of NCR soon. “Pune and Bengaluru are two other cities where it would go live this year,” added sources. 

Quick adoption of Swiggy Stores is a threat to dunzo that faced no serious competition so far. Dunzo would be facing more heat when Swiggy Go would begin its operations next month. Experts tracking this space believe that Swiggy would scale ‘Stores’ and ‘Go’ both in quick time because of the network effect and strong brand value.

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