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To ensure quality and ethics, OYO China delists 2 hotels & fires 25 employees


OYO has been bullish on the China market since it stepped foot into the overseas market. Even more so than its home country, for that matter.

Based on its growing presence in China, the company is taking stringent methods to ensure quality services and seamless consumer experience to keep up the growth curve.

By growing presence, OYO is talking about its significant increase in occupancy cohorts from January 2018 to October 2018. For example, customer engagement that stood at 19 per cent in February, went up to 61 per cent in October.

Overall, the company claims a 600X growth in stayed rooms nights to become the second largest hotel chain in China.

The rank claimed here is on the basis of a press release that enumerates its inventory of over 8K hotels and 4 lakh plus rooms across more than 290 cities.

The stringent methods that the company has taken to maintain these standards involve quality assurance checks and balances in place. Using multiple apps, OYO China regularly audits room appearance, hotel, and food quality and crossckecs feedback received from guests.

The company regularly connects with asset owners and partner franchisees to guide and direct any corrective action as well.

In this mechanism, when hotels and employees cooperate they benefit from high OYO ratings and occupancy rates. However, when buildings fail to make improvements despite interventions, OYO delists these franchise from its inventory.

Till now, the company has delisted 2 such hotels, fired 25 employees and has given warnings to 110 employees due to misconduct and failure to meet the hotel standards.

An integrity committee had been set up by the company to carry out the same function. It meets on a regular basis to take important decisions with respect to day to day operations, ways of working for employees, and other business stakeholders like asset owners.

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