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Entrackr introduces short format news ‘Snippets’

Most of the important things in the business of life, come in small packages. Only the packaging is small, its dynamism and effectiveness is all permeating.

In agreement with this old adage assigned by famous visionary Vincent Van Gogh, Entrackr is delighted to announce the introduction of new news section Snippets.

Here we will be capturing all the developments in the world of business, entrepreneurship, and startups as quickly as it happens. The packaging would be small so that our highflier readers have everything ready for them on the go across platforms, even on a smartwatch!

We would be limiting the development reporting to 70-75 words.

The endeavour is to make available everything important in a pattern, which is very easy to consume and stimulates curiosity. The essence of Snippets would be timeliness and brevity. The result would be an all-encompassing world of business news reporting made available instantaneously for our esteemed readers in an impactful manner.

Be the first to be informed. Be empowered!

Happy reading!

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