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Facial verification must to get SIM card for Aadhaar users from mid-Sept : UIDAI


Facial verification will be must for Aadhaar users to get a SIM card from coming September 15. The face-recognition feature would be an additional security feature along with the already available fingerprint and iris (eyes) verification, according to the UIDAI.

As per two-factor authentication proposed by the UIDAI, for Aadhaar users, the authentication will be done using fingerprint or iris and face. For individuals providing Virtual ID, the authentication can be on basis of fingerprint or iris.

In case an individual is unable to authenticate fingerprint or iris, face authentication can be used as an additional mode.

The measure is being implemented following official circulars sent by UIDAI last week. It is being added to provide an extra security layer.

“Face recognition with a fingerprint in authentication will also enhance Aadhaar security as it will effectively curb fingerprint spoofing,” UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey told PTI.

It will be a responsibility of telecom operators to capture the on spot photo and verify it with eKYC before activation of the SIM. And they should keep both photos for audit purpose later.

Failing to comply the authentication process will lead to a penalty for telecom firms.

According to UIDAI circular, with effect from Sept 15, Telecom Service Providers should monthly do 10 per cent authentication using face verification. Failure to this would result in penalty charge of around Rs 0.20 per transaction. The authentication process will be rolled out in a phased manner.

Earlier in January, UIDAI had sought integration of facial verification from July 1. But the date was later extended to August 1. The mandatory use of Aadhaar received flak from tech experts and citizens.

The development has come at a time when a case related Aadhaar, whether it should be mandatory for citizens, is going on in the Supreme Court.

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