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Amazon employee and ex-delivery boy arrested for duping customers


Wonder if you return an item via a delivery person of any e-commerce platform and at the end, you find the item never received by the company and your money spent on the item still stuck for payment return.

Believe it or not, such incidents have been going on and a unique case recently came to light where an employee of e-commerce major Amazon and its former delivery boy arrested for duping people by impersonating a delivery boy of the company.

A complaint was filed by Ambika Saraf, an authorised representative of Amazon branch at Nehru Place, alleging that a fake delivery boy had collected delivered camera from his customer Ganganpreet Singh.

According to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka), Saraf had alleged that Gaurav, who impersonated as an Amazon delivery boy had collected the item from Ganganpreet Singh after he wished to return it.

It further added that the customer received a call from Gaurav to collect the item. In the meantime, Amazon’s authorised delivery man Jasvinder Singh also called and came to collect the same camera.

However, it couldn’t be verified that who first informed the police who later arrested Gaurav when he came to collect the camera at Dwarka’s shop no 4 in the sector-10 market.

Following his arrest, Gaurav revealed that Raju Singh, a current employee Amazon used to provide the details about the customers who wished to return their product for some reasons.

The accused had earlier worked as a delivery boy for about three years at Amazon branch in Laurence Road area where Raju Singh (also arrested) was his store manager.
Both have forged a partnership to share amount after selling the stolen items in Gaffar Market, Delhi.

Of late, similar incidents of impersonating as an employee of e-commerce and payments platform have been registered. For instance, a former Paytm employee had duped customers by collecting their login details for KYC.

Last month, some people used a prank app of Paytm, to dupe shopkeepers by showing fake payments id after the purchase of several items.

The development was reported by Financial Express via PTI.

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