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Can’t get Ola/Uber/taxi in heavy rain? See how Chinese book a ride


Rainy season is nothing less than a rejoice for most of India that is mired by scorching summer. While monsoon relieves people from heat and gives hope for handsome produce to farmers, it causes chaos and cripples mobility in Mumbai.

It’s very hard to move from point A to B in the state capital as every mode of transport ranging from the train to bus, cabs (Kaali Peeli taxi), as well as Ola and Uber, fail to operate. Nevertheless, Mumbaikars devise some hacks to travel and perform important tasks.

Like Mumbai, many cities in China go through a similar situation when they encounter incessant rain. Following the downpour, office goers across cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and several others found an interesting way to commute.

Instead of relying on cab-hailing options including Didi Chuxing and Meituan-Dianping, commuters preferred mini-trucks to move from one point to another. Thousands of people in aforementioned cities have turned to on-demand trucking platforms such as Houlala, 58Suyun, and LanXiniu.

Sensing a perfect branding opportunity out of commuters’ pain, several pure-play B2B logistics companies (like above) have begun offering rides to commuters.

Houlala is offering 800 kg capacity mini trucks that can accommodate 10-12 people, and it charges flat Rs 530 (53 RMB) for the same. On the other hand, 58Suyun has been offering 1,000 kg (up to 18 commuters for Rs 600 (60 RMB).

In comparison, on-demand trucking platforms are cheaper than cab-hailing options during the rainy day. When it rains cats and dogs in Chinese cities, Didi Chuxing charges up to 4X than usual fares.

While renting a mini truck or bigger vehicles is not feasible in Indian cities like Mumbai as even light motor vehicle (bike and cars) can’t move because of waterlogging etc, Indian on-demand trucking platforms (like Porter, TruckOla, and others) and B2B logistics companies can manoeuvre the prevailing situation in India’s financial capital for situational branding and outreach purposes :-).

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