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Learning best from Chinese start-up ecosystem: ZDream’s China business trip kicks off in Dec. first week

ZDream Ventures

On the lines of its previous successful trip to China, ZDream Ventures is organising the second batch of the tour from the first week of December this year. “ZDream China business trip” is dedicated to bridge China-Indian start-up eco-systems. The trip will kick off on December 5th and will continue for a week with an exclusive visit to Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2017.

The trip offers unique opportunity for stakeholders of Indian start-up community (especially, entrepreneurs and investors) to understand Chinese Internet ecosystem and connect with local entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders.

ZDream is inviting applications, of which it will select 30 start-ups which will get an opportunity to participate in Demo days, meet China-based VCs and a chance to secure funding.

The trip is crafted with an intention to help Indian entrepreneurs to acquaint with scale, technology and emerging trends in the field of e-commerce, big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and SaaS, among several others. It also offers exclusive visits to campuses, including coveted conglomerates including Alibaba and Tencent.

Meanwhile, second edition of Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2017 will be the part of the trip. It includes stakeholders from United States, Israel, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The event will witness sessions from well-known founders and executive from the likes of Didi, Mobike, Kwai, Matrix VC, BAI Fund including several others.

“Start-up and Internet ecosystems in China and India have their own USPs. Exchange of ideas, resources and experiences through a trip like this are capable of creating legacy and such exposures are extremely fruitful for stakeholders from both sides,” said Li Jian, Founder & CEO ZDream Ventures.

The key highlights of the trip:

  • Meeting successful and leading Chinese conglomerates including Baidu, TenCent, Alibaba, Xiaomi, Huawei and many others
  • Meeting Government offices like Indian Embassy in China, Ministry of Science and Technology in China
  • Exclusive access to dedicated ecosystem mixers in Beijing and Shanghai with a presence of 30+ VCs/funds/other strategic investors
  • One-on-One knowledge sharing meetups with counterpart companies which may help in understanding the Chinese start-ups landscape and learnings from  successes and failures
  • Opportunity to connect with fellow Investors and potential LPs from China

In March 2017, ZDream took around 60 Indian CEOs on a visit to the Ministry of Industry and IT of PRC, Indian Embassy, Hangzhou Government and big tech companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Fosun, Shareit and more. The trip was a huge success with participation as well as validation from delegation.

The trip immensely helped Indian entrepreneurs to understand China very closely and meet their counterparts and connect with Chinese investors.

About the Conference:

“The Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit” has become one of the renowned summits in the tech ecosystem. It brings finest minds from Silicon Valley, India, Israel, Japan, China, and other regions under the spotlight to showcase developing trends and blueprints of start-up companies and investment. Last year, it hosted 4576 audiences and got 134,120,677 streaming hits. The speakers include Qatar Younis ( COO of Y Combinator), Dovi Ollech ( Founder of Emerge Group ), Rui Ma ( 500 Start-ups ), Zhang Ying ( Founder of Matrix China ), Dai Wei ( Founder of OFO) and many other big names.

Second edition of Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit 2017 will be held in the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel. It includes stakeholders from United States, Israel, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Besides, a few confirmed speakers for the conference includes founder of Toutiao, Founder and CEO of DIDI, Founder of Mobike, Managing Partner Matrix VC, Managing partner BAI Fund, CEO of Kwai and many others. This conference also include the delegates from Indian start-up ecosystem which includes 30+ Founders of Indian start-ups and VCs.


ZDream is an initiative by Draphant Group, which has been connecting the Chinese businesses to the Indian market for the last 4 years. ZDream was founded in 2015 after Draphant made a few early-stage investments in Indian start-ups. 

ZDream is an incubator, a micro VC fund and a research-driven organisation, which aims to become the partner of start-ups rather than just being a mere investor.

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