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Will Amazon’s all-in-one messaging app topple WhatsApp and Messenger?


What if I tell you that you don’t need your friend’s number to chat with him, his name is enough to start a conversation. And while talking, you can also perform multi-task like listen to music, order food, play games and pay the bill directly from within an app. Yes, you heard it right, if AFTV reports are to be believed, Amazon is working on a stand-alone app called Anytime, which will have all the above-mentioned features.

A customer who was part of the Amazon’s survey about a new messaging service said the product is ready and might be launched by the end of this year, added report.

Amazon Anytime

It seems to have a variety of features for the service with ideas such as video and voice chat, the ability to play games with your friends and even put filters over photos within the app. The service is expected to connect Anytime to Amazon Echo. This will allow Alexa services on iPhone, Android and on a desktop as well.

This will allow Alexa services on iPhone, Android and on a desktop as well. Anytime has tagline new ways to hang out, followed by the suggestion that you’ll be able to share your location and listen to music within Anytime.

On the security front, the service claims to keep chats private and allows users to encrypt important messages like bank account details. Amazon is aware of the fact that easy to see encryption will be something users will be drawn to. In comparison to WhatsApp features end-to-end encryption, which makes sure only the sender and the recipient can read messages going in and out, not anybody in between.

That’s also important because the service will also allow users to chat with businesses, make reservations, and of course, since this is from Amazon, allow users to shop.

WhatsApp is currently the world’s largest messenger service with the highest number of active users. According to the latest report, WhatsApp will now allow users to send files of any type. The latest feature of WhatsApp will be especially useful for those who communicate extensively, for work, college or daily.

Earlier, WhatsApp could only send several types of files such as photos, videos, sounds, and documents. With 1.2 billion monthly active users today, WhatsApp’s monthly active users have increased about 167% since Facebook acquired the app in 2014. Whereas Facebook messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users. Both have greater numbers but with latest video or game syncing while chatting.

Amazon is a world leader in the online retail space and spending a lot on innovation front. After dominating in that segment, Amazon had launched the Alexa-powered Echo speaker and that too became a relatively big success. It has 300 million accounts on its platform and has been earning profit from last eight quarters.

Considering Google Allo not being effective with almost similar feature, Amazon is expected to take its product one step further and embed Prime Video feature, which exclusively available to Prime Users.

Earlier in Feb, Amazon launched Chime, a communication service for enterprise users. The new Anytime messaging service could use the same backend and technology as
Chime, for its Prime users.

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