Jai Vardhan
Co-founder & CEO
Started his career at The Indian express Jai Vardhan is a journalist, entrepreneur, and compelling storyteller. He has been writing about startups and digital economy for over seven years. Previously, Read More
Tausif Alam
Tausif Alam has more than seven years of experience in the media industry and has worked in both print and digital spaces. He began his career with Economic Times, where Read More
Jitendra Singh
Jitendra has spent more than seven years in journalism. He had been founding-member of content startups such as Newzstreet, Indiasamvad and iamwire. Prior to that he did long, deeply reported Read More
Harsh Vardhan Upadhyay
Social Media Executive
Saurabh Singh
Graphic Designer
Saurabh Singh is a design and graphic lead at Entrackr. Within three weeks of joining, he got motivated to write about emerging Internet economy in the country. Besides design and Read More