Optics Valley International Entrepreneurship Competition 2019

The Winners for the South Asia Division


ADLOID is an Augmented Reality Platform for Retailers- To create trial and product showcase experiences for their consumers. Consumer behavior is transforming from offline to online, but online commerce is not a complete experience yet. The trial and real-time product showcase is still missing, and that’s where the brands and big-box retailers struggle to innovate


CustomFit.ai is an Intelligent Precise Personalization platform for websites and mobile apps. CustomFit.ai drives the growth by putting personalization at the center of your marketing & sales thereby ensuring solid sales to follow by increasing the overall number of visitors marching to your goals. The pitch of the website/app changes dynamically depending on your visitor’s stage of the visit, past interactions, firmographic details and hundreds of other parameters on the fly, thereby making it ‘The Best Salesperson’ & ’24×7′ Marketer. No code changes are needed.

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