Cygnet aims to drive business process digital transformation through specialized offerings


Cygnet is an Ahmedabad-based SaaS startup that aims to help organizations achieve business process digital transformation with its specialized offerings in compliance, digital and quality engineering, enterprise modernization, data, AI and analytics, hyper-automation, test automation, digital signature, and a myriad of other offerings.

We spoke to the company founder, Niraj Hutheesing, to learn more about the startup, how it works, the growth of cloud and automation in the context of new-age AI, the future roadmap, and much more.

How has the cloud and automation industry evolved with the arrival of new-age AI? How do you plan to make the transformation?

The cloud and automation industry has evolved significantly with the advent of AI, enhancing capabilities in data processing, predictive analytics, and process automation. Our AI solutions excel in cloud monitoring and developing self-healing scripts, reducing Service Level Agreement (SLA) breaches through consolidated alerts. Additionally, AI-driven FinOps optimizes cloud infrastructure costs, while business process automation delivers real-time insights to operations teams. As pioneers in business prediction, we use AI to nullify data gaps, empowering businesses to enhance data-driven decision-making with accurate forecasts and strategic advantages.

Do you also offer cyber security solutions? If yes, please explain them. If no, please help understand your point of view on adding a security layer to yourservices given the increasing risks.

Yes, Cygnet offers comprehensive cyber security solutions under our ‘Security as a Service’ portfolio. Our approach is to implement ‘security by design’, ensuring all controls are implemented as a regular practice rather than add-on activities. Cygnet, certified on ISMS and SOC 2 Type 2, ensures overall compliance with industry standards for products and services provided. We also cater to our client’s needs in performing specific security practices, including Network Security assessment, Application Security assessment, Cloud assessment, documentation, Compliance reviews, etc., to help them achieve the required security posture. Cygnet also ensures the ‘Single Source of Truth’ concept using a data warehouse is implemented product-wide to ensure data reliability and integrity are maintained. Our approach includes compliance automation, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations. We implement infrastructure automation to maintain robust security protocols across all systems.

Our applications support regulatory-required User access management modules, which ensure appropriate authentication, authorization, roles, rights, and logging are performed and stored in a secured format for future reviews.

There are a bunch of companies operating in your space, with some well-established ones too. How do you stand out from the competition? 

With a couple of decades of robust experience in providing solutions to multiple organizations globally, Cygnet understands the need for agile deliveries and challenges occurring in a dynamic environment. The ability to adapt to changes and implement a solution or product tailored specifically for the client helps us to stand out from our competitors. Be it on critical integrations with legacy systems on the tax tech or fintech side or modernizing decade-old applications without incurring major downtimes.

Cygnet is a CMMi v2 L3, SoC 2 Type 2, and ISMS-certified organization that helps us provide our clients with prompt and secure solutions. We also have a 24/7 support model for functional, process, and technical aspects to ensure client support is not hampered. With a process-driven approach, we have specific delivery teams that ensure client requirements are met in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

Which are your key markets? Please explain what makes India different from other developing and developed markets?

Cygnet’s key markets include India, the Middle East, America, and Europe. In India, we have a significant presence, managing one-fifth of the country’s e-invoicing traffic through our portals. India’s market is distinct due to its decentralized and distributed systems, emphasizing the importance of data integrity and integrated systems.

Unlike other regions, India’s regulatory environment and digital infrastructure necessitate robust, scalable solutions tailored to diverse requirements, making it a unique and dynamic market for our product solutions.

What is your roadmap for increasing your local and international footprint?

Cygnet’s roadmap for increasing its local and international footprint involves leveraging its unique COSMOS Digital Transformation Framework, based on co-ideate, co-innovate, co-create, and co-evolve pillars, ensuring a collaborative and innovative environment. This strategy fosters strong client relationships and delivers tailored solutions. By partnering strategically and offering holistic service offerings for BFSI, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industries, Cygnet aims to achieve a robust global footprint. As a core thought leader in tax, compliance, and data understanding, Cygnet excels in transforming financial processes across local and global markets.

Please help understand your growth trajectory in terms of users or clients or any other metric you use. And also share your future projections and measures to achieve them.

Our growth trajectory has been impressive, scaling our client base and securing multi-million dollar deals across 1000+ Enterprise accounts globally. We’ve successfully retained 90%+ clients and expanded our valued clients during global economic downturns, strengthening our position as a trusted partner in driving sustained growth. Amongst all the proprietary platforms, we have more than half a lac user base globally. 

Wherein one of the platforms, Cygnet Tax, processes 19% of India’s E-invoicing volume. Over the past year, our product vertical grew by 45%, with a projected 50% growth this financial year. Amongst solutions provided to our clients for their Go-To-Market, we have achieved 97% client satisfaction & 65% referral-based business. Looking ahead, we plan to achieve vertical growth through cross-selling services and horizontal expansion with global e-invoicing solutions to address compliance challenges for MNCs.

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