MamaEarth-parent Honasa posts Rs 1,920 Cr revenue, Rs 110 Cr PAT in FY24


Honasa Consumer Ltd, the parent firm of the D2C brand MamaEarth, showcased a 28.7% year-on-year growth to near Rs 2,000 crore revenue threshold in FY24. The Gurugram-based firm also posted Rs 110 crore PAT in the same period marking a big turnaround as compared to over Rs 100 crore loss in FY23.

Honasa’s revenue from operations grew to Rs 1,920 crore in FY24 from Rs 1,492 crore in FY23, its consolidated financial statements sourced from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) show.


On a sequential basis, the firm saw a modest 3.7% decrease in revenue to Rs 471 crore in Q4 FY24 from Rs 488 crore in Q3 FY24.

The sale of beauty, personal care, and related products across skin, hair, and baby care was the sole source of revenue for Honasa. It also made Rs 48 crore from the interest and gain of financial assets, tallying the total revenue to Rs 1,970 crore in FY24.

For the D2C brand, its marketing cum advertisement cost is likely to be the largest cost center but the company didn’t disclose the complete expense breakdown while the cost of procurement of materials formed 31.8% of the overall expenditure.

Its employee benefits, finance, depreciation, legal, conveyance, and other overheads took the overall expenditure to Rs 1,822 crore in FY24 from Rs 1,501 crore in FY23.

The decent scale and controlled costs helped Honasa post a Rs 110 crore profit in FY24 from a loss of Rs 151 crore in FY23. Its ROCE and EBITDA margins improved to 13% and 9.5%, respectively. On a unit level, it spent Rs 0.95 to earn a rupee in FY24.


Note 1: The significant loss of Rs 151 crore in FY23 was attributed to the write-off of its Rs 154 crore investment in Just4kids (Momspresso) which was acquired to expand content and influencer management capabilities.

Note 2: Honasa has also encountered a legal suit in the UAE in relation to some distribution agreements with RSM General Trading LLC. The company claimed Rs 100 crore of damages from Honasa Ltd. Further, the court in the UAE also ordered Honsa to pay Rs 57.6 crore plus interest. The company, however, is in the process of making an appeal.

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