How GrowthJockey addresses venture incubation challenges for enterprises


Large enterprises encounter numerous challenges hindering their growth, especially in the segment of venture incubation. Navigating digital transformation remains complex, compounded by the need to make crucial choices among disruptive technologies like advanced AI, blockchain, and IoT among others.

Moreover, scaling innovations beyond the initial stages is another hurdle as future businesses struggle to prioritize ideas and allocate resources effectively. Recruiting digital talent and prioritizing investment amidst numerous options further complicates decision-making, especially for early-stage ventures. Managing the cost and uncertainty of return on investment adds complexity to digital transformation efforts.

GrowthJockey is looking to address these challenges for enterprises as well as accelerating the growth of future businesses. We spoke to founder and CEO Ashutosh Kumar to learn more about GrowthJockey, what distinguishes it from the competition and the roadmap ahead. Here are the edited excerpts

There are not a lot of companies that are catering to this space, especially targeted at the enterprises. How did you come up with this idea?

In my decade-long experience at leading large corporations, I repeatedly found myself involved in building future ventures for these organizations. Throughout these endeavors, I recognized a significant unmet need within the industry – large companies were eager to invest in and develop futuristic ventures but faced considerable challenges in finding the 0-100 capabilities required for building ventures from ground zero to full-scale operation.

Reflecting on industry trends, I observed a shift in the mindset of forward-looking companies. While two decades ago, companies began adapting and building digital capabilities, today’s forward-looking enterprises are more inclined towards developing in-house venture building. They recognize the strategic advantage of internal incubation, which aligns closely with their ecosystem and vision, thereby helping in fostering the right company culture from the outset.

Recognizing the limitations of past approaches – where large enterprises attempted to navigate the 0-100 journey by engaging multiple agencies and consulting firms leading to fragmented efforts and limited success- I saw an opportunity to address this challenge. This realization motivated me to establish GrowthJockey, aiming to build the massive capability needed to execute the 0-1 and 1-100 journey for large enterprise ventures. Our focus lies in creating an ecosystem of agile technology and talent, enabling us to deliver transformative solutions in venture incubation and digital transformation.

How does the platform work? Please help simplify the process.

At GrowthJockey, our platform,, serves as a strategic AI infrastructure designed to harness real-time digital data, empowering companies to operate within a dynamic environment using real time insights. has played a pivotal role in our ability to expand, scale, and successfully deliver projects, providing our clients with the agility and foresight needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

However, our platform extends beyond and encompasses a holistic approach to venture building. At GrowthJockey, we productize venture building by leveraging our specialized capabilities in design thinking, digital technologies, strategic consulting, and business operations. Our approach is supported by a detailed and evolving playbook, ensuring that we deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each venture.

Please explain your business model. 

At GrowthJockey, our revenue generation model encompasses various streams reflecting our diverse offerings. Firstly, as an institutional incubator, we incubate and build ventures, either for equity and cash or solely for cash. We also work as a strategic growth partner where we deliver growth and scale for businesses with our deep capabilities in technology, digital marketing, strategic consulting and business operations, providing a full suite of customized growth solutions. 

Additionally we derive our revenue stream from, our AI infrastructure platform, operated on an AI SaaS model, designed to deliver growth-as-a-service with its real time deep data analytics and ability to analyse, experiment, and execute digital campaigns at a large scale. Furthermore, our involvement in venture building includes equity stakes in startups we incubate, generating revenue through exits from these investments, whether through acquisition, IPO, or other strategic transactions.

Anchored by our focus areas of growth, operations, and technology, our business model drives innovation and collaboration, positioning GrowthJockey as a pioneering force in the digital transformation sector, both nationally and globally.

Who are your nearest direct and indirect competitors?

At GrowthJockey, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in our unique business model, making us stand out in the industry. While traditional competitors may not exist due to our innovative approach, we maintain collaborative relationships with industry giants, including the Big 3 consulting firms, with whom we’ve partnered on building  numerous ventures.

Regarding our AI infrastructure,, our nearest direct competitors include companies like, WatsonX, Adobe 360, and While they operate in a similar space, what sets us apart is our DIY vertical and our focus on delivering transformative technology solutions. Our specialization in offering growth, operations, and technology tools has enabled us to carve out a distinct niche for ourselves in the industry.

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