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Paras Chopra’s Nintee shuts down, to return investors’ money


Nintee, a digital health startup launched by Wingify founder Paras Chopra, has announced shutting down its operations after a year of launch.

In a blog post, Chopra said that the majority of funding raised by the company is still remaining and will be returned to investors over the next few weeks.

Nintee was backed by the likes of Peak XV Partners, Kunal Shah, and others.

“Our original hypothesis was to use AI for helping people build better habits to transform their lives. This attracted a passionate niche, but we couldn’t build conviction that it could be a VC-scale business,” said Chopra.

After abandoning the initial idea, the firm tried another pivot to explore education and learning related ideas, but Nintee team quickly discovered that building a successful consumer app today is very hard.

Nintee has provided four months of severance to the impacted employees and also offered them to join Chopra’s other company VWO at the same salary.

Nintee was the third company founded by Chopra after VWO and Wingify. His bootstrapped company Wingify reported back-to-back profits in the past fiscal years. Its revenue from operations increased 16.8% to Rs 223 crore in FY23 with Rs 51 crore profit after tax.

Around half a dozen startups operating in India have announced shutting down their operations in the ongoing calendar year so far. The list counts Resso (India), Rario, OKX (India), Muvin and GoldPe. In 2023, more than 15 startups ceased their operations over funding and other challenges.

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