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assert AI

Computer vision SAAS startup Assert AI raises $4 Mn

assert AI

Assert AI, a computer vision SAAS company, has raised Rs 30 crore ($4 million) in a funding round led by prominent investors including Ramesh Hariharan (ex-CTO and co-founder of LatentView), Prashant Purker (former MD & CEO of ICICI Venture), Arya.ag (integrated grain commerce platform), and select individuals.

The company plans to utilise the funds to bolster its presence in essential markets, enhance research and development efforts, and continue pioneering new advancements in computer vision technology, Assert AI said in a press release.

Assert AI has operations in India, the US and the Middle East.

Assert AI empowers computers with a pair of eyes that never sleep and a program to process the visual inputs and identify and process things simulating a human vision, sans human error.

It helps businesses and organizations automate processes, improve customer experiences, and gain valuable insights into their operations.

The company’s has three flagship products – Pratham, Alpha and Falcon. Pratham is a no-code platform for computer vision while Alpha offers clients multiple options to consume and integrate data into their production systems. Its third product Falcon revolutionises warehouse inventory management with real-time tracking and optimisation capabilities.

Led by Job Philip, the company claims to have delivered more than 50 applications to large corporates, SMEs and government enterprises.

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