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French influencer marketing firm YKONE Agency acquires Barcode

French influencer marketing  firm YKONE has acquired a 70% stake in Barcode, a content and influencer marketing agency for an undisclosed amount. 

With this move both YKONE and Barcode can use their respective strengths, resources, and  expertise for new business opportunities and adapt to the evolving developments in the  international influencer marketing landscape. 

The acquisition of Barcode further  strengthens YKONE’s position, with a turnover of $100 million and a workforce of over 300 employees. 

Founded in 2008, YKONE first launched with their headquarters in Paris and is now implanted in 18 cities, from Hong Kong to Dubai to Milan. Over the past decade, the  agency campaigns for brands in the luxury, beauty, fashion  and travel sectors, and more recently in the FMCG market. 

Hugo Boss, Chopard, Prada, Estée Lauder, Ferragamo, Nespresso are amongst the over 100  brands that use YKONE to connect with their audience through impactful stories and content on  social media. YKONE offers all-encompassing influencer marketing and social media solutions to  provide an easy experience to their clients. 

Founded in 2019 by Rahul Khanna, Barcode stands with over 150 employees, operates out of 3 offices. It is the go-to agency for the 100 brands in India, including giants like YouTube, Unilever, Amazon, Sharechat, Flipkart,  Myntra, Tira, Warner Music, Budweiser, MG Motors, Glance, among others. 

The talent management branch of Barcode, known as “CLICK MEDIA,” claims to represent more than 20  famous Indian influencers and actors such as Rohit Zinjurke 30 million followers and Karishma Sharma 2,2 million followers. This will amplify YKONE’s portfolio and enhance their ability to  connect brands with high-profile influencers in the Indian market. 

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