BrightClass leverages AI, other tech to modernize educational system

Indian colleges and schools can greatly benefit from modern technology. A glimpse of its potential was seen during the pandemic when teachers, children, and parents all quickly embraced online learning. Now that schools have resumed in-person classes, the marriage of modernity and technology can continue to play a pivotal role in enhancing the learning experience.

Bengaluru-based BrightClass is trying to achieve this through its AI-based teaching and learning platform, which leverages NLP and cloud computing. It has also developed ‘Eyeris’, which enables natural interaction on any surface. The interface can be managed through air gestures, doing away with the need for multiple accessories, and complicated setups. 

We spoke to BrightClass co-founder and CEO Nishant Rajawat to learn more about the startup, products, future roadmap, and lots more. Here are the edited excerpts:

How did you come up with the idea of BrightClass?

As a part of the Cybernetics Group, established in 2009, initially focused on using intelligent tools to solve problems alongside machines. While our primary focus wasn’t edtech, the fact is there has been a huge demand and wide applications, which prompted us to explore the sector.

My journey began during my time as research scholars at the University of Toronto, where I explored vision-based systems allowing machines to perceive the world like humans. This led to the development of EyeIris, a technology transforming any surface into a digital board at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike many tech companies focused on digitizing tutoring or content delivery, we delved into deep tech education tools. Iris technology gained global recognition, reaching over 15 million users across 80 countries and generating over $500 million in product sales for OEM partners.

Observing the challenges within edtech, especially in measuring learning outcomes and personalizing content, led to the creation of BrightClass. 

BrightClass can be understood as a cloud-based intelligent platform aiming to enhance learning experiences globally, addressing the diverse needs of learners and educators.

Please share your growth trajectory since the launch. 

Last year, our ARR with Bright Class amounted to approximately $5 million, and this year, we’re poised to reach around $21 million. This marks a growth rate of over 4 times compared to last year. Before that, we had achieved approximately $300k. Reflecting on our inception year, the product witnessed a steep growth, exceeding 20 or approximately 18 times its initial value. This demonstrates the encouraging growth curve our product is currently experiencing.

What are your short and long term plans for growth and diversification?

India is a big market for us. We are also focusing on South and Southeast Asia initially. We’ve seen good progress in the Philippines with around 6,000 classrooms closed. 

In India, there’s a big need for digital upgrades due to the pandemic. Teachers are getting better with technology, and AI advancements are changing education. We want to add technology to classrooms without replacing everything. AI helps make personalized lessons for students based on what they know. Bright Class can make lesson plans and quizzes in real-time, which was hard before. This makes learning in class more exciting and useful for students.

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