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Yatra churns profits in Q3 FY24, revenue crosses Rs 110 Cr


Online travel aggregator (OTA) Yatra has released its financial results for the third quarter of the ongoing fiscal year (Q3 FY24). After sinking into the red in Q2, the company bounced back and recorded profits in Q3 along with crossing Rs 110 crore revenue mark during the period.

Yatra’s revenue from operations grew 17.2% to Rs 110.3 crore in Q3 FY24 as compared to Rs 94.13 crore Q2 FY24, as per the firm’s consolidated financial results sourced from the National Stock Exchange.

While compared to Q3 of the previous fiscal year (Q3 FY23), the operating revenue of the company increased over 23% from Rs 89.6 crore. 

The company made 40.3% of its total operating revenue via Hotels and packages bookings which grew 23.4% to Rs 44.5 crore in Q3 FY24 from Rs 36.06 crore in Q2 of the same financial year. 

Revenue from air ticketing increased 5.9% to Rs 41.5 crore during the same period. The remaining Rs 24.3 crore came from other operating services and advertising income from hosting ads on its website, sale of coupons and vouchers and facilitating website access to travel insurance company.

Yatra also earned Rs 8.86 crore as non-operating income (mainly from interest and gains on financial assets). This took the overall revenue to Rs 119.2 crore during the quarter.

On the cost front, service cost which only relates to its hotel and packages vertical accounted for 23% of the total expenses. This cost surged 68.7% to Rs 26.9 crore in Q3 from Rs 15.95 crore in Q2 of the same fiscal.

Whereas, employee benefits expenses for the company shrank 12.6% to Rs 32 crore during the quarter from Rs 36.6 crore in Q2 FY24. Yatra also incurred marketing and promotion costs of Rs 10.7 crore and payment gateway expense of Rs 12.7 crore in Q3 FY24.

In total, Yatra’s overall expenditure increased just 3% to Rs 117 crore during Q3 from Rs 113.6 crore in Q2 FY24.

With the controlled expenses, Yatra turned profitable and booked Rs 1.06 crore profits Q3 against Rs 17.13 crore loss in the previous quarter. Last year in the same quarter (Q3 FY23), it posted Rs 5.6 crore in losses.

On a unit level, Yatra Online spent Re 1.06 to earn a rupee of operating revenue in Q3 of FY24.

For the nine-months period (Apr-Dec 2023), the firm registered Rs 314.6 crore revenue from operations with a loss of Rs 10.08 crore.

Yatra Online made its entry into the Indian public market in September last year with a share price of around Rs 136. With a market cap of over Rs 2,700 crore, it is currently trading at Rs 170 per share. Other than this, the company is also listed on NASDAQ with a current share price of $1.64 per share and a market cap of $105 million.

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