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Peptris raises $1 Mn in pre seed round led by Speciale Invest


AI drug discovery startup Peptris has raised $1 million in its pre seed round led by Speciale Invest.

The money will be used to increase the firm’s efforts in the drug research and discovery space to advance AI-driven solutions, Peptris said in a press release. It will focus on creating new treatments for unsolvable targets, especially in the areas of rare diseases, inflammation, and oncology.

Founded by Narayanan Venkatasubramanian, Anand Budni, and Amit Mahajan, Peptris has developed an AI/ML based computational platform to accelerate the process of finding novel drugs.

The company reduces the amount of time needed for lab testing by sorting through massive data sets to quickly and easily identify and develop possible drug ideas.

The integration of AI in drug discovery, particularly in the context of rare diseases, addresses over 7,000 known conditions lacking approved treatments. 

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