AI-driven Clearfundae helps candidates practice for job interviews


“There are many applications in the market which allow people to practice writing code…it is somewhere people can go to if they just want to practice and they are given the specific tools. I wanted to create the same environment for someone who wants to practice for their interviews.” Hirdaypal Lamba told Entrackr.

Lamba started earlier this year. The Delhi-based startup offers an AI-powered designed to help job candidates practice for job interviews in a personalized manner. The currently free website allows users to select from one of 6 Indian languages available- English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Urdu. This makes users more comfortable in answering questions helping build their confidence. It also helps those who are applying to local companies use the website.


The candidate has to sit across an AI bot that acts as an interviewer, it generates tailor made questions relevant to the job position they are applying for. The bot also creates personalized questions according to the previous answers of the candidate mimicking an almost real life experience of attending an interview.

At the end of each session, the bot not only evaluates the candidate’s performance but also provides them with an extensive report that includes ideal answers to the interview questions, helping the user improve their performance.

Lamba’s main aim was to bridge the gap between job seekers and the competitive job market. He wanted to use AI to boost candidates’ confidence. “It is easier to sit across an AI bot and answer questions than an actual interviewer. Repeating this process a few times helps people build confidence in themselves.” he said.

The site sees around 7000 monthly users and 1000 daily active users. Lamba claims the site has managed to help over 1000 candidates to secure a job after using the platform during the interview preparation process.

Clearfundae has a current run rate of Rs 27 lakhs and is looking to raise its first round after gaining subsequent traction of its platform.

It further plans to introduce one-on-one coaching and AI-generated interview simulations in a virtual-reality environment at a premium price.

With its current focus in the Indian market, the company plans to expand its user base within the country and then potentially look at neighboring countries which use similar languages as India.

Although it does not currently have any direct competitors, it is up against companies like HireVue,, and InterviewBit which are broader ed-tech and HR-tech unicorn companies. 

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