Narrato taps into content creation, management with AI tools

Narrato was recently in the spotlight when it raised $1 million in pre-seed funding. The round was led by AirTree Ventures, an Australia-based VC that backs firms like Canva. 

Founded in January 2022, Narrato is looking to tap into the content marketing space, estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16.37% between 2022 and 2027 to hit $584 billion. 

The Bengaluru-based startup essentially offers an AI-driven content creation and collaboration platform to help ideate, create, collaborate, and publish all in one place. 

For instance, one can use the platform for ideation and generate a content calendar, which can be used by different team members. Content creators can leverage tools like content brief generator, image generation, and SEO optimization information to further optimize their content. The platform further streamlines the workflow and automates parts of the content creation process, allowing for better productivity. 

“If you were doing any kind of content creation, you would probably use Google Docs, a few specialized tools for optimization and SEO, and so on… while AI is a more recent trend, people earlier had to go to different places for content collaboration…,” founder Sophia Solanki told Entrackr while explaining the gap Narrato aims to bridge. 

Solanki, an IIT-Delhi alum, further said that most content platforms offer limited use cases. For instance, Grammarly. One can use Grammarly to optimize or correct languages. Or Trello, which helps organize and collaborate workflow. These platforms, however, don’t have what Narrato does: give a single platform to offer support through an entire content creation lifecycle. 

Another popular name in India in this domain is Pepper Content, which raised $14.3 million in June 2022. Solanki added that Pepper Content is a service-focused organization and recently began building a content marketing platform, whereas Narrato is software-first and essentially workplace-like, where you can create and collaborate.

Narrato currently has more than 2,000 monthly active users and has clients across the US, Europe, and India. Some of its well-known clients include Chargebee, Preply, Zepto, Park+, and Rocketlane, among others.

Solanki said that the capital from the recent fundraise will be deployed towards beefing up the platform and building more AI-based tools, among other improvements. She said the company is open to raising more funding, but this would happen later this year or early next year. For now, the company is “nicely padded”, she added.

The long-term strategy or rather ambition for Narrato is to become a Github-like platform for content while continuing to upgrade and diversify by leveraging AI. 

That said, AI-based content platforms are becoming increasingly popular. One of the top global names is Jasper, which raised $125 million at a $1.5 billion valuation

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