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Meme marketing startup WLDD raises seed round

Meme marketing firm WLDD has raised $1.25 million in its seed round led by Negen Capital. Additionally, the firm is looking to close another $750K with strong angels and creators in the country. 

Completely bootstrapped until now, the capital will primarily be deployed to strengthen the company’s growing influence and ramp up the growth of the startup, WLDD said in a press statement. 

Founded by Arihant Jain, Jaidev Kesti and Vivekanand Kilari, WLDD has helped several businesses to break through the clutter via snackable and entertaining communication models. 

With relatable content, WLDD has introduced meme marketing to over 120 brands so far, and launched over 1,050 campaigns, and has a creator community of over 10,000.

“We understand that in the new world digital IPs are a natural extension of a business, having built multiple IPs over the last 5 years this is where the world is heading we are at 8 million followers across our digital IPs and we plan to grow it to 80 million in the next 5 years,” said Kilari.

Negen Capital has been focusing on profitable or breakeven businesses with some of the marquee deals that include R for Rabbit, Blue Tokai, Burger Singh, Burma Burma, Khelgully and Dwija Foods.

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