GreedyGame helps developers better implement ads in games, apps


Ads within mobile apps aren’t a new phenomenon. A lot of developers bank on in-app ads for monetization and keeping the app or a game free for use. A poor implementation of such ads, however, can be pesky and mar the user experience.

GreedyGame, a Bengaluru-based adtech firm, is trying to address this problem by helping advertisers as well as mobile game app developers with a mechanism to display ads in a non-intrusive manner. The objective is to help the majority of developers continue to monetize their platform as well as ensure user experience doesn’t get perturbed.


“There’s a huge potential in making the user experience better by putting ads as a part of the content instead of it being a layer which comes in between the game and the player,” GreedyGame founder and CEO Arpit Jain told Entrackr

The company’s automation and AI-based solutions aim to help game publishers scale up their respective platforms, which otherwise may have struggled to do so owing to their lack of knowledge about ad tech and marketing, lack of resources including tech and human, and lack of partnerships.

The company currently has four key offerings- AdX which helps in the app, game, and website monetization, GROW which is a self-serve user acquisition platform that supports cost-per-acquisition campaigns and ensures app installs at low-cost-per acquisition, SDK X which is an ad revenue optimization platform for publishers letting them increase revenue on existing ad networks, and INSIGHTS is an AI-based intelligent dashboard that offers contextual insights into an app’s return on ad spent . 

Founded in 2013, GreedyGame has raised approximately $1.2 million over four rounds of  fundings rounds to date. It last raised an undisclosed sum in funding in 2019. The previous rounds saw participation from Times Internet, Ankit Nagori, Sujeet Kumar, Ravi Garikipati, Anuj Choudhary, and other angels.

The platform currently has 5 billion monthly impressions and a run rate of $20 million. With monetization and user acquisition tools being its two main earning streams, the company had a revenue of $16.2 million last financial year and recorded a revenue of $8.5 million in FY21.

GreedyGame is looking to tap into the global mobile application market, which was valued at $187.58 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4% from 2022 to 2030. This market has much potential especially with the recent release of 5G. 

With local competitors like InMobi, Pubmatic, and Automatad, the company further plans on investing in high-potential apps from small publishers and expanding its internationally. 

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