Antler-backed Adaptive’s journey to simplifying the DevOps space


Developers in the IT field spend most of their time managing existing codes and infrastructure through DevOps. But, the usage of DevOps is particularly difficult due to tool fragmentation and limited knowledge within organizations that use it. While companies try to combat this by building an internal platform, it becomes unscalable and expensive to maintain over time.

This is where startups such as Adaptive come in. 

Adaptive was started with an aim to help these organizations by providing a platform to assist them build customizable apps using its modern technology, templates, and functions.


Changing the processing of such a widely used space is anything but easy. Following the ‘low code, no code’ rule aims to reduce the technical complexities of building solutions through DevOps. It provides a universal platform to manage an entire organization’s cloud resources and Statistics Analysis System tools. 

The market does hold a few solutions to the problem but it does not use the newest technology and cannot handle areas needing high concurrency. Adaptive aims at plugging these gaps. 

Adaptive’s platform provides access to critical parts of the infrastructure database of a company to an engineer in such a way that every query and command can be audited by the organization. This feature will allow said organizations to easily build DevOps solutions that are apt to their company and its workings.

“The modern-day requirement of software companies is the need for compliance certificates like Soft Two or ISO,” Ronak Massand, the founder and CEO of Adaptive, told Entrackr. “We help them do this in an efficient way where they can distribute access to the critical parts in a compliant way,”

Massand and Debarshi Basak set up their company in the U.S. in 2021. Their aim was to provide developers and software engineers with a platform that was maintainable and easy to use in order to build solutions through DevOps. 

Massand previously co-founded Parkloco (also in the U.S.) and Basak has a history of working as an engineer at Netherlands-based SSI Schafer and Reynen Court. Prior to Adaptive, the duo worked together in Parkloco where they found their shared interest in the space.

Adaptive currently has 10 companies as beta users and is onboarding more. 

Funding, growth, and competition

The company recently wrapped up their seed round and had a pre-seed round in January with Antler, Adept Ventures, and Hustle Fund as a few of its investors. 

Adaptive’s target audience are IT companies in the Series A to Series D stage as well as individual engineer managers, software developers, and DevOps engineers. The global cloud automation market, the space Adaptive is in, was valued at $53 billion in 2021.

Despite being a US-based company, Adaptive will focus on clients based in both the U.S. as well as in India. Massand said, “Our vision is to become the singular universal cell operations platform where companies can manage all their internal DevOps processes and all the access related things through the same platform.”

Exploring the IT support and operations space, Adaptive will be going against companies with high six-figure $100,000 contracts in the market like Teleport, BlinkOps, Fylamynt (acquired by NetApp), and Moment.Dev.

Explaining their edge over their competitors, Adaptive co-founder and CTO Basak told Entrackr, “We are going a lot broader in terms of the coverage of tools and infrastructure as compared to our competition. We have built the software in a big cloud database giving us an edge over our competitors.”.

The company plans on converting its customer companies into paid users when it gets a production environment on the platform. It further intends on covering tools like CRMs, messaging apps, and organization users. 

Adaptive plans on incorporating the various verticals into the platform and expanding into the go-to-market space in the U.S. to increase its valuation.

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