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Sequoia’s Surge selects 15 startups for its seventh cohort

Surge, Sequoia Capital India’s accelerator program, announced the launch of its seventh cohort. The launch comes seven months after the announcement of the sixth cohort by the venture capital firm. The 16-week program has 37 founders across 15 early-stage startups.

Among the 15 startups in the seventh cohort are Attentive, Beam, Boxs, BuyerAssist, ClearFeed, Gan, Hatica, Metaschool, PixCap, Pratech Brands, Semaai, TrueFoundry, Unravel Carbon, and Whiz. The 15th startup in the cohort was not disclosed by the accelerator as the travel-related startup is currently in stealth.

8 of the 15 startups in the program are based in India. While Attentive, Boxs, BuyerAssist, ClearFeed, Gan, Pratech Brands are Indian startups, TrueFoundry and Hatica have Indian origin founders based out of San Francisco, US. One-third of the startups in this program have at least one female founder, according to Surge.

Surge, launched in 2019, helps raise capital for the startups participating in the program. The company pumps up to $1- $3 million in pre-seed and seed rounds for early-stage startups. Surge has held six cohorts with over 100 startups from India and Southeast Asia. After the addition of the seventh cohort, the community has 281 founders from 127 firms across 16 industries.

The startups in its cohort have raised over $1.7 billion in follow-on funding rounds according to Surge. The registrations for the eighth cohort have started and will be announced in late 2022. 

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