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Music-tech platform Beatoven.ai raises $ 1 Mn

Beatoven.ai, an AI-driven music tech startup, has raised $1 million in its seed round led by  Redstart Labs and UK-based Entrepreneur First. 

The funds raised will categorically be used in three ways. The first focus would be to build a team and onboard some of the brightest talents worldwide in the music technology space. The second objective would be to collaborate with global artists and acquire music so that the platforms’ algorithm will constantly be fed with high-quality music data. The third aim would be product development for building the AI composition and production algorithms. 

Co-founded by Mansoor Rahimat Khan and Siddharth Bhardwaj, Beatoven.ai claims to be the only AI-driven music tech platform with a large variety of tunes and jingles that aids content creators and producers with soundtracks that are original, licensable, royalty-free and cost-efficient. 

The brand has also built algorithms for region-specific music composition spanning across geographies within India. The brand intends to scale this to music from other geographies, such as Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Latin American music, amongst several others. 


Through its web-based application, content creators can create and customize tunes with the help of the platform’s vast and varied library of mood-based tunes spanning multiple genres. 

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