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Indian clone of TikTok called Mitron achieves 5 Mn installs in a month


India now has a TikTok clone called Mitron. Released a month ago on Play Store, the app is a free short video and social app which allows users to create, edit and share their videos, and browse through a library of top videos across the globe.

This comes as Chinese video-sharing app TikTok has been receiving a lot of flak over the last several weeks — one for being Chinese, and two for “content that hurts Indian sentiment.”

TikTok’s rating was dropped to 1.2 star and people have even called for a ban on the app in the country. While this issue may take some time to settle, the clone app Mitron may ride the wave of popularity in the near future.

We downloaded the Mitron app and spent some time on it. It’s a clone of TikTok with minimal features. Surprisingly, some creators have managed to reach up to 80,000 followers with a paltry number of 40-50 posts.

According to the details available on Play Store, the aim of the app is “to create a platform where people can come and entertain themselves with small videos posted by people across the globe and at the same time create a social incentive for people to share and create their own videos.”

We have sent queries to the developers of the app and will update the story as and when they respond.

It appears that the name Mitron has helped the app attract a sizeable number of downloads and according to Sensor Tower data, Mitron had a million downloads in April and has crossed 5 million downloads already.

However, it could well be a fad that will fade in a few weeks from now. While it has ratings of 4.5, it started getting reviews from May 18 and peaked on May 20, the reviews began falling from its peak and have crashed completely in the past four days.

It’s worth noting that the app’s download is not solely driven by the backlash against TikTok as it made a debut on the Play Store last month and started progressing at the beginning of May.

Within a month, the app has also been rated number 2 app under the free category. Government-owned Aarogya Setu is on top in this category.

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