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MIDC India Xiaomi Developer Conference will be held on Sept 10 


Chinese technology giant Xiaomi will be hosting Developer Conference at Andaz Hotel, Delhi on September 10.

Xiaomi, which has been the number one smartphone brand for the last eight quarters in the country, believes that working with local developers and supporting their work will help to build its Internet ecosystem and provide better services to users in India. During the conference, Xiaomi will showcase its latest products, services and a few successful cooperation case studies.

Xiaomi Developer Conference is expected to bring together over 500 attendees from various industries and many spokespersons from the company representing multiple subjects.

After its entry in the Indian market in 2014, Xiaomi has pursued the consumer-centric and honest pricing approach. It started first selling online by directly approaching consumers skipping distribution layers with merely 5% margin. The strategy struck a chord with price-sensitive consumers in India. Xiaomi received close to 5 lakh orders online for its first 10K smartphones.

Ever since then, the company never looked back and only grew more substantial in size to become a profitable firm now.

From selling on online marketplaces including Amazon and Flipkart, it launched its own e-commerce platform mi.com, which now claims to have about 279 million monthly active users (MAU).  

Apart from having a significant presence online, Xiaomi has around 2000 Mi Home store in India. 

Xiaomi’s core philosophy has been providing products with the best quality and offering maximum benefit to consumers. This has helped Xiaomi to build a brand that people in India look for.

In the last five years, the Beijing-headquartered firm has leveraged social media and word of mouth to build brand image than indulging in direct marketing. 

Unlike other smartphone brands, Xiaomi leverages community meetups to connect and engage with its users. The consumer-centric approach has helped it to increase its brand value and a loud fan following.

In a price-sensitive market like India, Xiaomi has played its card, particularly in terms of affordability, better than any other smartphone makers. With feature-rich and advanced hardware, Xiaomi’s offerings have won a place in the mind of Indian users, who generally look for the value-for-money proposition.

Among the smartphone brands, Xiaomi has grown the fastest with a 58.6% year-on-year increase in unit sales, controlling a market share of over 28.9%. In the second quarter, Xiaomi’s shipments grew by 4.8% year-on-year to 10.4 million units, and it expects to post better sales in the third quarter. 

At present, India accounts for over 33% of Xiaomi’s smartphone sales globally. The constant innovations have allowed the company to keep up to date with existing users requirement. 

Apart from the personalised operating system and advanced technology, Xiaomi had launched a new SMS feature making IRCTC train booking details more comprehensible and clear. 

At the centre of these innovations has been Xiaomi’s product Mi user interface (popularly known as MIUI), an android based operating system. MIUI attracts users who want personalised features on their smartphones.

The registration for participation in the event is still open.

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