Facebook content reviewers in India get hike after complain of low pay

After content reviewers, months of complaint of being underpaid and working in stressful condition, Indian Facebook contractor Genpact has finally hiked minimum wages for the content moderation teams.

The India-based technology outsourcing company confirmed that Genpact recently raises salaries for their team that supports Facebook as part of an annual review process, said a Reuters report.

As per sources in the report, after complaining of low pay and stressful condition, Genpact doubled minimum salaries for new recruits to Rs 250,000 annually. The recent hikes are also said to be applied to new recruits only.

Genpact has around 1600 employees, who review posts in several languages including English, Arabic and some Afghan and Asian tribal dialects, in its Hyderabad office.

Early this year, about seven content reviewers at the company complained of working in a stressful and traumatic condition. A few of them left the company.

In May, Facebook had hiked minimum wages for US content moderators to $18 to $22 per hour depending on the location from $15 nationwide, and last week said it is still studying increases in other countries.

In the last six months, the social media giant has reportedly taken note of the concerns and taken many initiatives. In April, Facebook organised a summit with the aim of sharing best practices and bringing more consistency to how moderators are treated.

Facebook has close to 300 million users in India.

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