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Pankaj Jain

Exclusive: 500 Startups fame Pankaj Jain along with Greg Narain launch Founder Craft

Pankaj Jain

500 Startups India’s former partner Pankaj Jain has jumped in the entrepreneurial pool with startup advisory firm – Founder Craft. A few weeks old platform works with first-time founders and fast-growing teams as they evolve and grow, right from inception and all the way through execution.

Founder Craft helps early-stage startups to define, understand, and navigate the tools, skills, and assist them with experience and competency.

It essentially helps on two critical aspects – execution and culture. The advisory firm leverages the expertise of Jain and Gregarious Narain’s (fondly known as Greg) in every operational role to help leaders make pressing decisions about product, technology, sales, marketing, customer success, hiring, fundraising and more.

Narain is a serial entrepreneur who had experience of running about a dozen startups in a career spanning across 25 years. A year ago, he sold his visual marketing service Chute to private-equity firm ESW Capital. Chute helped companies tell more engaging narratives by leveraging what people posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Narain raised $16 million in total before the acquisition of his last startup – Chute.

According to its website, Founder Craft has already been working with a slew of US-based startups including Alphasheet, Dorsia, and Proven Skincare. It’s also working with a Hyderabad-based social network meant for entrepreneurs – StartupByte.

Jain has been active in the Indian startup ecosystem for many years. Besides leading 500 Startups in India, he also served Times Internet-owned TLabs accelerator briefly. Jain had spent over ten years in New York working for multiple hedge funds.

Founder Craft charges consulting fee from startups, which certainly won’t be inexpensive. The advisory cum consulting firm also offers podcast and holds local meetups where you can score some advice for free.

Given that the services offered by Founder Craft won’t be cheap, it may not appeal to early-stage startups in India. Nevertheless, it’s likely to do well in the US and other matured ecosystem. The firm’s stress on building culture is quite interesting and actually an important aspect which sadly is not prioritised by startups.

Emphasis on culture building is crucial to take the initial steps towards a long-standing business that enables mutual growth for all the stakeholders and ensures a safe and sound work environment.

Founder Craft: Website

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