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Avg 4G download speed turns 3X faster for Indian users in early morning: Report


With the rapid growth in smartphone users, India may have become the biggest telecom market in the world. But when it comes to experiencing 4G data download speeds there is no consistency.

According to an analysis conducted in 20 cities, smartphone users in the country experience average download speeds almost three times in the early morning, when most people are asleep, in compared with the daily average.

The daily average speed in those cities were 6.5 Mbps, said OpenSignal data report.

As the day progresses, the download speeds decrease, reaching the slowest speed in the late evening at 10 in the night, when presumably most smartphone users are connected to the network accessing entertainment videos.

The speed also varied depending on the congestion on the mobile network. The average LTE download speed drops 2.8 Mbps compared to the daily average when networks are busy, added the report. When it is less congested download speeds jump on average by 10.3 Mbps.

The report further outlined network congestion as one of the main reasons why smartphone users in India experience relatively slow average 4G download speeds.

Users experience speeds over 20 Mbps at quiet times in different cities.

Among cities, Navi Mumbai and Hyderabad topped the chart in average download speed with 8.1 Mbps and 7.9 Mbps respectively average LTE download speed. Delhi and Bengaluru came 7th and 9th in that respect.

Hyderabad was one among the many cities to have the most consistent speeds whereas Allahabad had the highest variance. Meanwhile, all the cities showed almost a similar trend with download speeds tending to decrease over the course of the day.

As per the last year analysis, data telecom operator Airtel had most Download Speed Experience with a score close to a third faster than its rivals. Airtel had average 7.53 Mbps 3G-4G download speed whereas Jio and Vodafone had 5.47 and 5.20 Mbps.

The report highlights a major point here as the other progressive countries bracing themselves to adopt 5G network. In fact, In India too Tech Mahindra and Airtel in collaboration with Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei conducted the first 5G trial.

It is a matter of a big concern for India, which is the second most populated nation and biggest telco market in the world, still does not have consistent 4G network experience to offer.

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