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About 69% of Indian Android apps have access to your exact location: Study

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There might be several dialogues going on the policy and regulatory front in the last few years but when it comes to data privacy, Indian firms seem to have made no progress.

According to the study titled ‘State of Privacy of Indian Mobile Apps and Website – 2018’ conducted by Arrka Consulting, there has been no change in the average number of permissions taken by apps that qualify as a serious privacy breach.

Mobile Apps and Websites get personal data information of the users from their devices via asking permissions and tracking consent. In comparison to global apps, Indian apps ask for 45 percent more permissions.

Travel booking, shopping & mobile wallets ask 60-80 per cent permission related to access.

Access to SMS, microphone, phone, and contacts were the permissions that were accessed by a significantly higher number of Indian Apps.

About 99 per cent Android apps send data to the third party, added the study. Among the focuses of the study included access to personal data by apps, 3rd parties sharing of data, data transparency and safety of personal data.

Data privacy

More than 90 per cent of the 3rd parties with whom personal data was being shared was from advertising, analytics, development-supporting tools, and authentication entities.

Advertising was the top category that websites sent data to.

About 69 per cent of Android Apps have access to your exact location whereas 79 percent of apps have access to IDs and call details.

data privacy

The study also looked at Android apps targeting children. Close to 71 percent of children’s Apps were observed accessing location, phone details and storage, marked the study.

For the websites, the study found the concept of permission is a bit different than mobile ones. More than 95 percent websites deploy at least 1 tracking mechanism while
permissions were limited to only 20 per cent organizations using at least one permission, added the second edition of the report.

It also sought to increase privacy awareness among users through regulatory and legal pushes.

The study covered 100 organizations from India and across Android, iOS, and website of every firm.

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