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TAFE rolls out tractor, farm equipment rental app for farmers nationwide


Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd (TAFE), one of the largest tractor manufacturers in the country, has rolled out a nationwide expansion of its farmer-to-farmer tractor aggregation app ‘JFarm Service’.

The app leverages technology to provide free-of-cost access to fulfil farmer to farmer farm equipment requirement. It promises to enable farmers to hire or let out tractor and modern farm machinery on rent.

TAFE, through the app, aims to help millions of farmers who have no access to farm mechanisation and modern technology.

Farmers, who own small parcels of land across India can now hire state-of-the-art farm equipment to increase their productivity and income significantly, the company said in a statement.

It has also given the toll-free helpline 1800-4-200-100 for farmers, who don’t have smartphones to run the app. The app also gives out updates on local weather, market, agri-news and mandi prices.

The initial rollout last year of its services had helped over 16000 farmers in Madhya Pradesh to put their tractors on rent at the rate of about Rs 600 an hour, as per TR Kesavan president of TAFE.

The app was also piloted in other states including Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, claiming to benefit around 60,000 users with the booking of about 1 lakh orders.

Besides, the Chennai-based tractor manufacturer has partnered with state governments such as Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Assam to roll out the services.

The firm is working with govt to help the farmer and expand in more states in coming years.

The sector is huge and even 10 per cent of India’s total farmers with the tractors can help generate business of around Rs 500 crore, Kesavan added.

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