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Ola introduces real-time selfie authentication feature to curb proxy driving


The growing cases of proxy driving have made local ride-hailing behemoth Ola put a system in place to deal with the menace.

Taking it on a serious note, local ride-hailing company Ola has introduced a safety feature for passengers where drivers have to authenticate themselves by uploading a selfie before the ride. This will essentially prevent proxy driving, which is a major issue raised by passengers.

Ola’s move to introduce selfie authentication feature will also let the passengers identify the drivers.

The company will ask the cab drivers to upload their real-time selfie to match it with their actual profile registered on drivers’ app. The move will weed out those drivers who have bad ratings and negative feedback in the past.

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However, Ola has also clarified that it is not possible for the company to ask every driver to upload a selfie instead those who are under scanner (bad ratings and feedback) will have to face the process.

The SoftBank-backed company has given the high number of rides per day (2 million) would make it difficult to apply the process for all.

The development comes against the backdrop of recent complaints against drivers who have been playing the game of proxy driving. One such incident happened in this month when Ola took the matter seriously and lodged a police complaint against the driver involved in the illegal practice.

Last year a similar case came to light when a woman passenger filed a complaint against an Ola driver after it revealed that she was picked up by a man impersonating the actual driver registered with the firm.

Apart from the selfie authentication process, the home-grown cab company will conduct surprise checks on drivers who are registered on kiosks installed at the airport, railway stations and metros to ensure passengers safety.

Ola will also monitor the route opted by passengers to have an eye on drivers activity and to ensure passengers safety.

Going forward it will be a daunting task for the cab aggregators to give 100 per cent assurance to their riders, however, the step taken by Ola would help it to point out illegal activities on its platform.

The development was reported by Deccan Herald.

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