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Exclusive: Whoops! 99acres.com down for more than 24 hours


Update: 99acres website goes live around 1 pm (12 July)

It’s rare that well-known consumer-facing Internet businesses go for a complete outage for more than 24 hours. In fact, such instance brings sheer embarrassment to any company that operates under the premise of technology.

Nevertheless, such an incident has occurred with online real estate listing platform 99acres.com.

The Info Edge-owned company has been inaccessible for almost an entire day (July 11). Following a hat tip from an anonymous source, Entrackr has been trying to access 99acres throughout the day (from 10 AM July 11 to 2 AM July 12).

Much to our surprise, it displayed a message, “Site is down for maintenance. We will be back soon.”

Importantly, we have hardly encountered such outage in the past few years when a coveted Indian Internet business went offline for such a long duration.

Entrackr has sent a query to 99acres on Twitter, and we will update the post as response comes in. Multiple users have also reported the outage on Twitter, however, the Noida-based company hasn’t given any concrete reason for it.

We failed to understand the actual reason for such glitch but 99acres may have been facing some serious technical or data security issue.

Meanwhile, taking a jibe on competitor trouble, NoBroker replied a helpless 99acres user on Twitter: “Hey, Why don’t you try NoBroker. It’s a hassle-free experience and you don’t have to pay any brokerage!”

Last week, online food ordering major Swiggy had faced consumers backlash as it failed to fulfill orders in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi (NCR). The company had said that the inconvenience occurred because of a technical glitch. However, it appeared to be a problem of logistics as well.

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