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Let’s learn from China: Entrackr Announcing ‘Unicorn Trip 2018’ for Indian startups, VCs and HNIs


More often than not, whenever a comparison is drawn between Indian and Chinese startup ecosystems, the latter is put 10 to 15 years ahead of the former.

The rise of Chinese tech-ecosystem makes a curious case for entrepreneurs around the world and particularly, India.

The reasons become obvious when we close in for analysis.

While China has emerged as a global startup and tech economy, India is catching up at a decent pace. To prevail as a stronger startup ecosystem, we need to take cues from the likes of Alibaba, Tencent to JD, Mobike, Meituan amongst hundreds of others.

What makes Chinese startups unique and successful?

How are they different?

how can we collaborate with stakeholders of such an evolved ecosystem?

These are the many questions around which Entrackr has designed a well-curated trip for Indian entrepreneurs to China in August 2018.

After interacting with about 50 Indian startups, angels as well as large-scale Chinese companies, VCs, and strategic investors, Entrackr has devised a detailed trip for Indian startups to learn the best practices, culture, and carve out strategic collaborations with the Chinese counterparts.

For Indian startups, there could not be a more favourable time to harp on synergies in China (strategic as well as relating to investments). Meeting successful entrepreneurs from different walks of work-life, learning from their experiences, can help immensely in accelerating the scale of the local startups and benefit the stakeholders.

With this trip, Entrackr intends to provide comprehensive exposure to Indian entrepreneurs, VCs in China and bridge the existing gaps for fostering meaningful and uninterrupted engagements.

For more details, please follow the link.

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