“Ignore Him Completely”: UrbanClap CEO shockingly marks complainant customer on email


In an incident that could be termed as being unprofessional towards its customer, Urbanclap CEO Abhiraj Bhal marked a reply mail to a complainant customer saying “Please ignore him completely. Nobody should answer his queries.”

Rakesh Verma, an employee of Oyo Rooms, had accused Urbanclap staff of damaging his AC while repairing it, according to Office Chai report. The matter was going on for more than 50 days then it caught the attention of Urbanclap CEO, who on mail asked his team to ignore Verma, and ended up marking him on the mail as well.

Bhal, after his response went viral, apologised for the gaffe. “I must say that it was incorrect for me to have responded this way. That was a mistake and I acknowledge the same,” Bhal was quoted as saying in the report.

Meanwhile, he defended Urbanclap and said that his firm has gone above and beyond their call of duty in serving the Oyo employee.

The company claims that they got the AC examined by their experts and realized that they hadn’t damaged it. Even though Urbanclap was willing to return their technician charges and pay half the cost of the compressor that had stopped working, but the customer was unwilling to relent.

Verma too has been accused by the Urbanclap CEO for calling him 8 times. However, Verma said he is getting pressurized, as Bhal called Oyo Room CEO Ritesh Agarwal, to take back the case.

As per the latest update, the Urbanclap is now ready to get Verma’s AC replaced.

Responding to Entrackr’s query, Verma confirmed that he got paid an estimated amount of incurring charges to get AC completely repaired earlier this morning.

I don’t work with OYO now and Ritesh Agarwal is not related with this, he added.

There is always a lesson after a mistake. While the incident might not have been pleasing but it will surely tell the firm what to avoid in future, if they want to go places.



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