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Chandigarh installs automatic speed gun cameras to shoot speed demon, traffic violation

speed gun

Next time, if a vehicle rider jumps a red light and does not stop, he cannot escape challan for a traffic violation in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh traffic police are installing Automatic Speed Gun Cameras with digital displays for traffic management. Digital speed cameras are equipped with night vision technology and will record the speed of oncoming traffic, which will help the city’s police to issue challans to defaulters.

“The cameras have night vision as well while the screen shows the speed of the vehicle on the road,” Rajiv Ambasta, DSP Traffic was quoted as saying to Indian Express. This is to scale down the number of accidents in the city and with the help of such cameras, transparency in curbing accidents would be helpful, he added.

The system, as its name suggests, would automatically capture vehicle registration plates when the driver crosses the stop line and the zebra crossing when the traffic light is red. The cameras can click the image of the speeding vehicle even in heavy rain, dense fog and at night.

If the speed is above the permissible limit, then a white light will blink on the screen to alert the driver about the speed. If, and when, a vehicle rider breaks the law, a Challan will be sent to the driver along with the image of overspeeding.

Meanwhile, the setting up of the speedometer screen is not fixed, but it can be helpful for riders to see the speed of their vehicle.

A page with the city name on social site Facebook shared the development.

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