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Global investment bank Nomura selects six Indian startups under FinTech programme


Global investment bank Nomura has selected eight startups under ‘Voyager – Nomura FinTech Partnership’ programme in India.

The programme, which was launched in India earlier this year, aims to build innovative solutions for the capital markets and investment banking (CMIB) segment.

Six of the eight identified startups are Indian, including Recommender Labs, Senseforth, Simility, Surukam, Tookitaki and vPhrase. The other two non-Indian startups are Datum Solutions and Stride.ai.

Nomura selected the startups from over 150 global applicants that collaborated with the bank over 10 weeks to develop “Proof of Concepts”.

“The Voyager initiative in India is a further sign of our commitment to drive financial innovation globally,” said Yo Akatsuka, Senior Managing Director, Innovations, Nomura Holdings.

Founded in 2016, Recommender Labs focuses on supporting users during decision-making processes by generating recommendations. The core application consists of cutting-edge technology in the space of Artificial Intelligence (AI), bolstered by strong design customized to the usage patterns and habits of today’s user.

Senseforth aims to help people make better crowd wisdom-driven decisions by delivering insights derived from large volumes of unstructured data like text, audio and video. The platform was launched in 2012.

Started in 2014, Simility helps companies prevent fraud and abuse in real time with machine learning, big data analytics and data visualization capabilities.

Surukam helps corporate legal teams automate their workflows and the decision-making process by implementing next-gen artificial intelligence (NLP and Machine Learning) solutions. The platform provides A.I. as the solution to reduce endless effort of legal teams in managing their contracts. It claims to help make legal functions more efficient and cost-effective.

Tookitaki provides a machine learning platform to build and optimise work flows for financial institutions focussing in compliance and operations space.

Mumbai-based vPhrase Analytics Solutions runs an artificial intelligence-based data analytics platform and helps businesses make their reports easier to comprehend. vPhrase’s patent-applied platform, Phrazor, analyses data, derives insights and then communicates those insights, in words, in multiple languages.

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