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US-based Nexus picks 4 Indian startups for incubation


US-based Nexus’s incubator has selected four Indian startups under its incubation programme where it will nurture and scale up their business. The startups selected for the incubation are CleanLife, White Cub, RoadBounce, and VCP, according to a report by The Times of India.

“For some, it may be funds or technology development or customer acquisition. Nexus will assist them as per their need,” Nexus Director Erik Azulay said after announcing selection of the firms.

Founded by a team of IIT and IIM alumni, CleanLife has developed body wash and shampoo that can provide waterless bathing and save water. One bottle of 100 millilitres can be used for 5 times bath and body can be wiped with a towel. It removes dirt, dust, oil, and odour.

White Cub has developed ice-cream free from cholesterol, transfat, sugar, gluten and dairy. The startup is now looking to raise fund for building the team and procuring high-end refrigeration equipment.

The company sells its product through 55 retail partners including Godrej Nature’s Basket. It also claimed to have registered a growth of more than 60 per cent in one year as the business grew from Rs 25 lakh in 2015-16 to Rs 40 lakh in 2016-17. In the current fiscal, White Cub expects to close with sales of around Rs 75 lakh.

Roadbounce provides technology to map potholes using smartphone-based sensors in short time. The company has mapped potholes on 25,000-kilometre roads in two months.

VCP creates business problem cases for recruitment tests and has also found a place among the firms selected by Nexus.

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